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About Us

Our research interests relate to soft and hard materials, with more emphasis in the latter than in the former, and have as a common theme understanding and exploiting the links between the unique micro/nanostructures that develop in these materials and their properties to promote exceptional applications for the biomedical and technological fields. Although our work has a strong fundamental focus, find applications with social impact on human health and wellness is most of the time at the core of our work.

Key research in soft matter expands from polymers to small self-assembled peptides, while research in hard matter is mainly located in the field of bioceramics as catalysts and the protection of metals and alloys against corrosion.

Studied materials are used for specific applications in the biomedicine (e.g. sensors, drug delivery systems and bioplatforms for tissue engineering), energy storage (e.g. semisolid electrolytes and all-organic supercapacitors), chemical engineering (e.g. bioceramics as catalysts for the conversion of carbon dioxide into ethanol and protection of metallic structures against corrosion using polymeric or nanostructured hybrid coatings).