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Site news
  • Our PhD student defended on April 29 his thesis titled Biomedical Applications of Hybrid Polymer-Based Materials, directed by Prof. Carlos Alemán and Dr. Núria Saperas. Congratulations Dr. Hamidreza!

  • Jordi Sans defended his PhD Thesis titled Design of Catalysts Based on Hydroxyapatite for Nitrogen and Carbon Fixation on April 8. The thesis was directed by Prof. Carlos Alemán and Dr. Dr. Pau Turon. Congratulations for the great work, Jordi!

  • Our postdoc Vitor B. Moreira and coworkers recently published their work, in collaboration with ICIQ (Tarragona), about a new biobased adhesive material.

  • On February 9, Prof. Elaine Armelin organized a meeting to introduce the IMEM-BRT group to our new members, including PhD students and postdocs.

  • The Students Kick-Of Meeting of the BioInspireSensing project took place on January 27-28, under the organization of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC).

  • Our PhD student defended on January 13 his thesis titled Zirconium Oxide Conversion Coating and Bio-based Organic Coatings for Aluminium Protection, directed by Prof. Elaine Armelin.

  • Our PhD student defended on November 12 his thesis on Conducting Polymers and Hybrid Materials for Technological Applications, directed by Prof. Carlos Alemán and Prof. Joan Torra

  • Our post-doc Dr. Brenda Molina has been awarded one of the most important awards of the Government of the State of Chihuahua (Mexico) in the area of Biological Sciences, with the development of a solid electrolytic cell for the controlled release of L-lactate, carried out in our research group.

  • In the framework of the II Jornada de Recerca del Campus Diagonal-Besòs organized by the UPC, prof. Carlos Alemán presented the work of the IMEM group in the application of 3D printing technology to the development of functional and low-cost biosensors and bioplatforms for tissue engineering.